"Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnuhu:  Gurur Devo Maheshwaraha: 
Gurur Saakshaat Parambramha: Tasmai Shri Guru Veh Namaha:"


God, the superpower, is the sole creator of all forms of life and he only knows with perfection and certainty the future, present and past of each organism and soul. We can only make efforts in our attempts to reach the perfection of the super power but can neither match him in his perfection nor over rule what He has in store for us.
Faith in what we do changes the outcome of a particular task. Unlike science, one can not prove astrology. Only belief and faith with efforts can change the course of any event or action. We are making efforts to bridge the gap between these disciplines and bring them together. If you are not having belief/faith in this area/discipline, you are free to come out of it at any time.

Human beings, beggars to millionaires, are same in physical aspects, but differ in having luck/fate. Some people meet accidents and die but some escape miraculously which even modern science can not explain reasonably and terms it as luck/fate. Hindu spiritual astrology explains this subtle difference in terms of theory of karma (bad or good actions of past and present lives). Every living being undergoes its own karma, the law of cause and effect, by which it creates its own destiny based on its thought, words and deeds. Human being undergoes this karma in the cycle of reincarnation.

All things in the universe are coded, identified and accounted by the Creator, i.e., Supreme of Universe. For ex: barcode in a departmental store gives unique details of each and every item. Similarly, data of all living beings (of lower to higher origin and past to present lives) can be derived from the date, time and place of birth of the native. This resembles a barcode of a commercial product which is unique. These details are unique since our planets in the solar system behave like a visible solar system clock which is seen from the Earth with Earth taken as reference point (hence it is not taken as a part of  Nava graha). As a result, from the position of planets in our solar system, identification data of each individual can be derived and explained based on above details. These details never superimpose each other since planets move constantly that reflects in dissimilarities in characteristics of each and every person. Here we also have to remember that the human being is a minute sample of Earth, solar system and also the Universe.

We give you an insight into the subject of Spiritual Astro Science, and by analyzing your birth chart help you in suggesting relevant vedic remedies to overcome the problems and difficulties, there by improving the quality of life.

Free consultation will be given to poor people and students who genuinely feel they can not afford to pay the service/consulta-tion charges. However, in case of students, such consultations will be restricted to issues related to studies and career options.

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